resina is a platform for research based between London and Ferrara. Our work is invested in  developing environmentally sustainable and non-human-centric practices through slow-paced alternative education experiments and residencies. We support emerging practitioners working across various forms of art, research and writing.  

︎︎︎ Team and collaborators


Past Editions:

A Fluid Haze, Ferrara Residency 2018
27 August - 14 October
Ferrara, Italy

Who Cares? Ferrara Residency 2017
2 September - 4 October
Ferrara, Italy

An ongoign programme or residencies in Italy for emerging artists and thinkers organised by resina. 

With the previous editions of Ferrara Residency (2017 - 2018) a group of artists and researchers were invited to spend a month of research in Ferrara (Italy), exploring forms of togetherness while reflecting on means of precarious and affective labour under capitalist conditions. The project is grounded in collaborative practices of learning such as reading groups, feedback sessions, collective meals and other convivial activities, as forms o deceleration and care-taking within the context of art making.

The residency programme will start again in autum 2022.

Previous participants

Ruth Angel Edwards
Emilia Beatriz
Henry Bradley
Joe Campbell
Callum Hill
Blue Maignien
Irena Czepcova
Marianna Feher
Bridie Gane
Athene Greig
Sandi Hudson-Francis
George Jepson
Lucie Kordacova
Josefina Malmegård
Karolina Mikeskova
Tom Savery

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