resina is a platform for research based between London and Ferrara. Our work is invested in  developing environmentally sustainable and non-human-centric practices through slow-paced alternative education experiments and residencies. We support emerging practitioners working across various forms of art, research and writing.  

︎︎︎ Team and collaborators

Residency Program 2017

Shared Library 2017

To guide and enrich Ferrara Residency with reflections and inputs, we decided to put together  a collective and shared library. Each participant brought one or more books to be made available to the others; books related to the theme of the residency or of particular personal importance became the substrate for a rich and fair exchange of textual and metaphorical ideas, literature, languages, images and information which accompanied both private readings of artists, curators and group readings. The temporal characteristic of the shared library was important, as the library only existed in a physical form for one month in September 2017. After the residency the library dissolved, leaving behind the reading list found in this section. The books which constituted the temporary library collection, encompassed a range of topics and contents; from historical material on feminist political struggles, to contemporary accounts of philosophy and theory pertaining to questions on public/private, value, precarity, resistance, love, social reproduction amongst others. Some books were generously loaned to Ferrara Residency by guests and practitioners who were invited to speak with the residents, such as by the artist Isabella Bordoni and the activists Gretel Carli and Carolina Peverati, who lent us original texts from 1970s feminist struggles in Italy.

The entire shared library has been exhibited and accessible to the public at Galleria del Carbone from 27 September to 4 October 2017.

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