Shared Library 2018

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Céline Condorelli, Support Structures. Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2014. 

Maaike Lauwaert & amp; Francien van Westrenen (eds.), Facing value: radical perspectives from the arts, Amsterdam: Valiz; Den Haag: Stroom, 2017.

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The Fisher Function https://fisherfunction.persona.co/INFO 

Silvia Federici, Revolution at point zero: housework, reproduction and feminist struggle, Oakland; CA: PM Press, 2012.

Quentin S Crisp, September, 2016.

Jennet Thomas, The Unspeakable Freedom Device, 2015.

Claire Fontaine, Human strike has already begun & other writings, London: Mute,2013.

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Carla Lonzi, Vai Pure, Scritti di Rivolta Femminile, 1980 

Guido Blumir & Agnes Sauvage, Donne di Vita – Vita di Donne, 1980

Ida Magli, Matriarcato e potere delle donne, Feltrinelli, 1978

Photo Credits

Ferrara Residency 2018: Shared Library. PH Andrea Bighi