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Who Cares?
Ferrara Residency 2017

​Ferrara Residency invited a group of artists and researchers to take part in a research period in Ferrara, Italy, exploring forms of togetherness while reflecting on means of precarious and affective labour in networked capitalism.

Central to the residency theme “Who Cares?” were conversations on work conditions and care, drawing on theories of social reproduction and affect. The publication includes texts and reflections by artists and curators, and seeks to collect the ephemeral and transient processes and experiences of the residency project. 

Participants: Henry Bradley, Joe Campbell, Irena Czepcova, Marianna Feher, Bridie Gane, Athene Greig, Sandi Hudson-Francis, George Jepson, Lucie Kordacova, Josefina Malmegård, Karolina Mikeskova, Tom Savery

Editorial team: resina collective
Texts by: Angelica Bollettinari, Olivia Berkowicz, Valeria Bevilacqua

The catalogue was retailed at the South London Gallery and Deptford Does Art in London.
If you’re interested in the Ferrara Residency Catalogue, please send us an email at and we can share a PDF.

Photo Credits

01: Ferrara Residency 2017 Catalogue. Photo: Karolina Mikeskova
02: Ferrara Residency 2017 Catalogue. Photo: Karolina Mikeskova

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